It is difficult to truly show an organizations sincerity with building trends.   Our company truly believes buildings can be constructed in an efficient manner, without adding significant initial costs.   Most projects allow for a return on investment within 2-3 years if designed and planned correctly with a knowledgeable team.

Pardee Construction has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable construction practices by:

• Recycling 95% of construction and debris Company wide since 2012.
• Built & office out of a LEED Gold facility with a cost effective build out solution and creative financing.
• Developed a local rammed earth product available for the local market.

•Demonstrating Building performance through similarities of a Nutrition label on a box of food or Miles per Gallon (MPG’s) on a vehicle.

• Involved with Oklahoma’s first Living Building challenge Project.   Only 14 in the country existed in early 2015.



Please see a list of sustainable systems Pardee could help you incorporate into your next project:
• Zero Marginal Cost Buildings
• Living Building Challenge Net Zero – No fuels
• Demountable Walls
• Cost Savings
• Rammed Earth
• Geo-Thermal
• Hybrid Systems
• Geo-thermal Btu to kWh Conversion
• Delta Effect Costs in OK
• Adobe Walls
• Plants
• Replaces ERU
• Progressive Technology cost Offsets
• LED, Granite, Flooring, etc.
• Building Costs as a whole
• Free Hot Water Systems
• Zero Slope Drain Systems
• Maximize windows
• Current Rebates
• Federal, Localized, Utilities
• Pervious paving to eliminate Storm Drain Culverts
• Closed Cell foam to serve as waterproof barrier
• Low Cost Automation Controls
• OC Sensors, timers, T-Stats, phone apps (August, Zwave)
• Building Controls
• Acquiring Building Performance Certifications

• Building Controls

• Determining Miles per Gallon (MPGs) of your building