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Completion of Multiple Projects at the Jack C. Montgomery Hospital in Muskogee, OK.

1) X-Ray Room Renovation

Cost: $150k

Project:  Multiple system modifications and included infectious control measures.

2) Hillside Emergency Repair

Cost: $1 Million

Project:  Hillside was deteriorating away the parking lot behind the Hospital.   The slope failure was approaching the footprint of the building foundation.   A design build emergency team was put into place to prevent further deterioration of the hillside.    Involved shoring and new utility systems.

3) Renovation of Ernest Childer VA Outpatient Clinic-2012

Cost: $1 Million

Project:   A 24-Phase fast track project over a 20,000 SF area of the Clinic in Tulsa.   Project was complete three weeks early.

4) Small Renovation of Ernest Childers VA Outpatient Clinic – 2014

Cost: $1 Million

Project:   A 3-Phase project at the Clinic in Tulsa.  Project involved dust containment measures.