Boston Avenue Multisport (BAM)

  • Recreational

BAM is a two square block community sports facility in design with a collaboration of four different companies.   The project highlights 65,000 SF of retail/educational building space, a premier field for 4-sports, and park.  The project has won international design competitions and has been highlighted across the Tulsa media spotlight.   The project is currently seeking approval with the Tulsa Vision tax renewal.

It incorporates sustainability, community, and economic development all within the boundaries of the property. BAM bookends the South IDL as an attraction to spur further development and alter the sea of asphalt landscape.   The project has received renowned attention from multiple other municipalities in addition to winning international competitions against over 180 competitors.

The project’s sustainability highlights net positive design with storm water containment, 600 kW solar for stadium lighting, kinetic energy generating panels, a geo-thermal well system shared with neighboring developments, field cooling systems, and various other progressive systems.   Generally, the project reaches the goals of LEED and takes low impact development approach.

The project is designed to promote social equity through sport and has allocated grant dollars for construction.   The park is designed to be self-sufficient once construction is complete.   Ticket sales, concessions, parking fees, low maintenances costs, and possible tax increment funding all contribute to the business plan.